Exploring the Bike Paths of Irvine, California: A Cyclist's Paradise

The City of Irvine, California is a cyclist's dream come true, with over 360 miles of bike paths and trails to explore. From the San Diego Creek Trail to the Jeffrey Open Space Trail, there are plenty of options for cyclists of all levels. The San Diego Creek Trail is a favorite among Irvine cyclists because it serves as a connecting point for Irvine's network of trails and bike lanes. This 9.3-mile concrete trail starts in Newport Beach and ends on State Route 133 north of I-405 in Irvine.

Along the way, cyclists can enjoy chalcographic panels that chronicle 500 years of the history of Irvine Ranch. The Jeffrey Open Space Trail is a mix of asphalt and concrete that flows through commercial and residential spaces as well as open spaces. It connects to several other trails, including Walnut Trail, a 3.1-mile rail trail that runs along an active rail line. Walnut Trail also connects to one of the segments of the Jeffrey Open Space Trail. Underpasses and overpasses allow cyclists to travel uninterrupted, while access to highways such as Yale Avenue and Culver Drive provide an alternate route. For those looking for a safe place to walk at night, Peters Canyon Trail is the perfect choice.

This trail is divided into two segments and both run along a tributary of the San Diego Creek called Peters Canyon Wash. If you want to connect them, you can take the Harvard Trail on Warner Avenue to avoid the active railroad that crosses the Peters Canyon Trail. Much of this asphalt and concrete is superbly landscaped, making it ideal for daytime walks as well. You can also connect to the bike paths that run through Portola Parkway. To access these trails, head to Sand Canyon Avenue just south of Burt Road or Harvard Avenue north of Deerfield.

Pedego electric bikes are a great way to explore these trails, as they offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty with robust anti-theft protection and a lifetime warranty for the frame. The North Lake is a small 1.8-mile loop trail with views of the entire area. It's best to go clockwise around the corner as it's slightly uphill. The grass fields here get very high at certain times of the year, so climbing to the top with a Pedego electric bike allows you to have great visibility. To return to Pedego Irvine, all you need to do is follow the San Diego Creek Trail or Barranca Parkway until you return to the center. This route should take just under an hour and a half on an electric bike, but we recommend taking your time and enjoying your free time - our suggested time is 2-2 ½ hours.