Safety Measures for Cyclists and Pedestrians in Irvine, California

When visiting Irvine, California, cyclists and pedestrians should take certain safety measures to ensure a safe and respectful experience. At your destinations, always secure your bike with an appropriate locking device and never park it in a way that blocks pedestrian traffic. When driving on the sidewalk, cyclists should slow down and be considerate of pedestrians, giving them the right of way. The City of Irvine does not allow cyclists to ride exclusively on designated bike paths.

This means that cyclists must use the roads, but they are also allowed to use the sidewalks. However, the bike path network in Irvine is not fully built or interconnected. To help cyclists ride safely and comfortably, Orange County bike lanes are available with support from the California Bike Coalition. Blaise Patzkowski, a Costa Mesa bicycle accident lawyer, is an advocate for the rights of injured cyclists and pedestrians in Southern California. According to the City of Irvine, there are more than 286 miles of on-street bike lanes and more than 113 miles of off-street bike lanes in Irvine.

Orange County's bike lanes and highways are full of cyclists, pedestrians and motorists who must all coexist in harmony. To ensure a safe experience for everyone, cyclists should always wear a helmet when riding their bike. They should also obey all traffic laws and be aware of their surroundings at all times. Pedestrians should also be aware of their surroundings and look both ways before crossing the street. By following these safety measures, cyclists and pedestrians can enjoy a safe and respectful experience while visiting Irvine.